Ultimate Iceland Tour

This adventure tour will take you on a trip to Iceland's famous historical and geological site of Thingvellir, through the Kaldidalur rift valley, up on Langjokull glacier, across lava fields and to caves, waterfalls and hot springs.

Ultimate Iceland is an exciting jeep safari tour in which you experience everything that Iceland has to offer in raw nature. First on your trip, Iceland will delight you with the scenic national park of Thingvellir, which is a special and sacred place in the minds of Icelanders. There you can see a unique rift valley where the American and Eurasian tectonic plates are torn apart by the mid-Atlantic ridge which runs through Iceland and causes regular eruptions and earthquakes. Also, the Viking settlers of Iceland founded their parliament in Thingvellir in 930 AD and thereby laid the foundations for an independent nation-state in Iceland. When leaving Thingvellir you will understand how Icelanders are torn between America and Europe but also realise where the roots of their national pride lie and why this beautiful place is so sacred to them.

Next you head due north through rugged landscape taking in the Kaldidalur (Cold Valley) mountain road, which is one of the highest mountain roads in Iceland. As the journey takes you further inland you see (weather permitting) Stratovolcanoes, Table Mountains, 4 different glaciers and finally you arrive at the Langjökull glacier, the second biggest glacier in Iceland, which is one of the destinations of the High North Ultimate Iceland jeep safari tour. In the specially modified super jeep it is possible to drive on the glacier, which is a unique experience and almost like stepping into another world. After this highlight, which brings you almost to the top of the world, it’s time to descend. And as in Iceland there are only extremes, you really do descend - and more -  as you literally go underground exploring one of Iceland’s extraordinary lava caves in the lava field of Hallmundarhraun.

On the way back to Reykjavík you visit the beautiful waterfalls of Hraunfossar and Deildartunguhver, the world’s biggest hot spring where 180 litres per second of boiling hot water stream endlessly up from the earth.

For trips, Iceland is a land of ever changing weather and conditions. Routes may be altered because of conditions and each High North jeep safari tour is different depending on weather, general conditions, and seasons. Travelling in Iceland in summer is totally different from travelling in winter but there is one thing you can count on when traveling with High North: our professional and experienced guides give you an in-depth knowledge of the country and the people who inhabit it as well as a unique jeep safari experience. They are adept at meeting challenging situations and always bring something extra to each tour making it unforgettable.

Departure 8:30

Duration 7-9 hours

Minimum 2 passengers per booking

Price 34.900.- ISK Per Person


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